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A"Renée's journey" is an international art project which started in Antwerp, the city where Renée, in fall 2012, was created. It tells the story of a young woman, Renée, who has a mission, namely to donate a significant amount to a young talent at the end of each project.

Each project contains 20 scenes (pencil / pen / oil on canvas 90 x 85cm), of which 1 "special edition" in which gold leaf is processed. Almost all the scenes are similar in size and have the same framing to put extra emphasis on the "journey-story".
Therefore, one is not just buying a piece of art that is a fragment from this international story but one is automatically also a co-sponsor of a young and promising talent.
We will start "Renée's journey" in Belgium and donate 20% of the total proceeds from the works to a designer, based in Belgium. I will decide who it will be together with one of the leading fashion journalists in Belgium, Veerle Windels (for sure, take a closer look at For project I, 2015/16, Damien Ravn was choosen. During fashion week in Paris, March 2017, Damien will present he's new collection.

From project II, which will start at the sale of the 21th scene, the price will increase with a minimum of 15%, and this is repeated at the start of each new project, which means that anyone who buys a "Renée" is certain of a nice investment.
Each new project of 20 scenes takes place in a different metropolis, but the chances that Renée, after a few years, once again will be back at its homeport, is well within the possibilities. About project II, we can already say that it will be Paris where at the end, 20% will be donated to a France-based designer.

Once the chosen designer was announced, all the people who bought a work will get informed and of course a scene with Renée, dressed in an outfit from the winner, will be part of project II. This will also be repeated with each new project.

You can also follow Renée's journey on Instagram or in our very own Art Bar Steven Kovrigin, Mechelsesteenweg 113, 2018 Antwerp ( where she will have her own permanent spot.