Steven De Wilde 1970 • Renée 2012


My love for drawing and painting, which formed a common thread through my childhood and teenage years, has again, after many years, paved a way to the surface. After having made countless dream dresses for as many brides for 20 years, the time had come to breathe new life into my old love.
I wanted to lose myself in a world where I didn't have to make any compromise, where anything would be possible and where all the beautiful things that had ever crossed or would cross my eyes, could play a key role in decorative scenes.

That's why I started thinking about a way in which my inspiration, imagination and creativity could run free, but with one condition: the project had to be partially linked to a charity / sponsorship.
It would be an international story, and at the end of each chapter, a good percentage of the total proceeds would be donated to a young creative talent. Since I had been a part of the fashion world for 20 years, the decision was quickly made that the amount would go to young fashion talent, someone who has proven his skills and who could use a little push in the back. In this way, slowly but surely the idea emerged to create a character with a story, a kind of patron with a mission. Someone with a great personality, elegant but especially sophisticated, with a love for jewelry. She would not be following a 'trend' and would never go out too exposed or overdressed. The look in her eyes would radiate tranquility, a little dreamy even but very pleasing to look at. While everything around her is specified in detail, she appears to be rather plain. She is and remains a fantasy figure, hence my conscious choice to not make her too "realistic". She not only had to be very recognizable because of the shape (one moment longer and more voluminous then the other) and especially the color of her hair, I wanted her name to sound short, powerful and internationally. So, slowly but surely, "Renée" was born.